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EM-Day 2023

This year the Emergency Medicine Day campaign is dedicated to safety. Safety for our patients, who need care, attention and relief from pain and disease. Safety for our colleagues, who need to be able to work in a secure environment, for the right number of hours with the right number of patients in order to be able to give them the right amount of our time and energy.

Only in these conditions are we sure to provide the patient with a safe haven in an emergency.

We encourage all our AFEM members to find out more about the campaign and how to get involved here


The Issue

Injuries kill more people than HIV/AIDS, malaria, and TB combined
1 in 2 deaths in low- and middle-income countries are due to causes treatable by Emergency Care
Some countries have no hospital with an Emergency Department

Most countries in Africa have no formally trained paramedics

This burden is felt in Africa more than anywhere else
Most health workers have received no specialised Emergency Training

Our Story

The African Federation for Emergency Medicine (AFEM), founded in November 2009, represents a broad coalition of national societies, organisations, and individuals from over 40 countries dedicated to securing high-quality emergency care for all people across Africa. Our model to achieve this has six components.


We build the capacity of emergency care professionals across Africa.


We advocate for emergency care to be prioritised by global stakeholders on global platforms.


We foster global collaborations and partnerships for emergency care development in Africa.


We drive the strategic research agenda to ensure that the development of emergency care in Africa is based on evidence specific to the African context.


We guide the development of emergency care curriculums, courses, and training programs across Africa for all tiers of the emergency care system.


We develop comprehensive policies and frameworks alongside governments and stakeholders to support the adoption of robust emergency care systems across Africa.

Our Work

We’re running 35 projects

across 25 countries

with over 100 collaborators

from 40 different countries.


AFEM’s resources are Africa-specific for clinical, nursing, and pre-hospital emergency care. Our materials are almost entirely open-source and provide guidance for leadership development, education and training, advocacy and policy.

Many of our resources have been written and reviewed by global leaders in emergency care.

Get Involved

We’re working across the continent to ensure that when emergencies happen, care is there. But we need your help.


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