AFEM Curriculum

Developing a curriculum is resource-intensive. And the principles of emergency care are similar across Africa. For this reason, AFEM has created a range of open-access core curricular packages, designed by global leaders in emergency care. These expert-reviewed, open-access training packages can be tailored to regional needs, avoiding duplication of effort and laborious development processes. Currently, our curriculum can be integrated to help develop one-year and residency training programmes, as well as credentialing pathways for dedicated emergency care providers.

The curriculum cover topics including: the knowledge and application of basic science relevant for emergency care in Africa, problem solving skills in the practice of emergency care, resuscitation and stabilisation of acutely ill patients, the performance of critical emergency procedures, interpretation of special investigations relevant to the practice of emergency care, recognition of emergency conditions requiring immediate intervention, transfer, or specialist attention.

The curriculum includes an introductory module (Keystone), a didactic module (Didactic Core), and linked modules designed for interactive small group teaching (Core and Expanded Interactive Modules). These modules can be combined in various ways to form curriculums for a range of providers including medical students, nurses, mid-level providers, and non-specialist and specialist doctors.

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