Handbook of Acute and Emergency Care

AFEM has brought together over 100 emergency medicine specialists to create a handbook that is accessible, easy to use, and appropriate to both the burden of disease and the diagnostic and treatment modalities available in most clinical settings in Africa. The handbook contains a series of one-page rapid assessment protocols for a variety of common emergency presentations, as well as the detailed systematic management of over 250 emergency conditions. The handbook is the first to offer emergency medicine professionals management strategies based on available resources – care in the handbook is stratified according into three resource levels: low, moderate and full. The 2nd edition of the AFEM Handbook of Acute and Emergency Care was released in November 2018.


The latest edition of the handbook was published by Oxford University Press, in 2018. It is available for sale in hard copy via (click each for link):

It is also available electronically from (click for link):


To date, over 8,000 copies of the AFEM Handbook have been donated to clinical sites in 33 African Countries.

Distribution of the AFEM Handbook to clinical sites throughout Africa is supported entirely by generous donations from individuals and groups invested in the advancement of emergency care. We welcome donations in any amount; all contributions allow us to provide additional copies of this valuable resource to the locations where it is needed the most.

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