BEC Course Accreditation


The World Health Organization (WHO) Emergency, Trauma and Acute Care Unit (ETA) has released  a series of open-source courses for emergency care, including the Basic Emergency Care (BEC) courses. The intent of these course is to provide free, standardised, open-access education to all individuals who are likely to be providing emergency care in low-resource settings; this includes both front-line clinicians and community members.



Accreditation through AFEM ensures that BEC courses (and, in the future, other similar courses from the WHO) are delivered using appropriately trained instructors and with the appropriate instructor/trainee ratio. The process of accreditation is provided here.


We now can issue certificates with the IFEM and AFEM logos for approved courses that meet the criteria below.
In order to obtain course approval please send the following  to
1. The organisation running the course

If an organisation external to your country has been asked to run the course, you must also submit a letter of invitation from the organisation within the country that is requesting the training.

2. The list of instructors for the training (full names)
3. The number of anticipated participants

To ensure that the instructor to participant ratio is appropriate–WHO recommends 1 instructor to 3-5 participants)

4. The location and date of the training

We will check to make sure your instructors have the appropriate level of training and that your instructor to student ratio is appropriate in order to approve your course.  Once approved, we will pass on the information to IFEM and, once approved, issue the appropriate certificates. We can add the sponsoring organisation logo(s) as well if you submit them to us.


Please reach out to with further questions.

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