What We Do

Our projects work to ensure the development of collaborative, comprehensive, and cross-cutting emergency care systems in Africa. Learn more about our projects below.

  • Conferences
  • Out-of-Hospital Emergency Care (OHEC)
  • Nursing
  • Global Emergency Nursing Mentorship - Africa (GENMA)
  • Young Faculty Development
  • African Emergency Nursing Curriculum
  • AFEM Handbook of Acute and Emergency Care
  • Support A Delegate (Supadel)
  • The African Journal of Emergency Medicine (AfJEM)
  • Author Assist
  • Rapid Assessment Protocols (RAPs)
  • Trauma Data Form and Registry
  • Presentation Bank
  • Ultrasound Presentation Bank
  • Exam Question Bank
  • Basic Emergency Care Course (BEC)
  • Community First Aid Responders (CFAR)
  • Emergency Care Outcomes Project (ECOP)
  • Emergency Care Assessment Tool (ECAT)
  • Francophone Emergency Care Working Group
  • Portuguese Emergency Care Working Group
  • AFEM Curriculum
  • Doctors in Emergency Medicine & Leadership Training in Africa
  • BEC
    BEC Course Accreditation

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